Management Team

CIIFA STUDIOS LTD‘s Team without distrust, we have the most talented film making revolutionist who believes in innovation and change. The Organization has produced world class screen performers and technical hands for the International and local screen who are working in many local and international organizations. It amazes many how this is possible, but the answer always rests with one talent who believes in creativity, visions and service to mankind....Mr Asher Ben Nutakor (Formerly Mr Samuel Atsu Akpo), the Director General, the founder of CIIFA STUDIOS LTD and the hub of most creative works in the Organization.


Asher Ben Nutakor (Formerly Samuel Atsu Akpo) - The Director General

He is a down to earth gentleman who believes that everyone deserves respect. He is the creative hub of CIIFA STUDIOS LTD.


Steve Revss - The Chairman and Projects Consultant

Talk about an intelligently and talented Film making revolutionist he has all the experience it takes to produce one, and the know how to make it sell, though with CIIFA STUDIOS LTD he is still the National Vice Chairman for GNAPS.(Ghana National Association of Private Schools )


John Russell - International Project Coordinator

Based USA and working for the growth of this company, an international film actor and TV presenter in the Hollywood… he makes sure we are always connected.


Esso Tayiwna Kofi Ketehouli - Project Coordinator

There is none like him. Programmes coordination with him is always a blessing. He is bilingual, knowledgeable and well connected… 


Franklyn Chester Akonka - The Associate Projects Coordinator

He drinks graphics. Always smiling, and ready for action but so unpredictable.


Venessa S. Ibem - An Administrative Secretary / Accountant

She is very Firm, Fair and Friendly fellow, a presenter and an actress.


Annalisa Ebere Ozoani - The PA /Secretary General Manager

She is very cool, dedicated to her assignments and Friendly, an actress and script writer. 


Vivienne Achor - The projects Strategist

Though a dynamic international actress, she’s full of energy and ready to pull all visions to the end of the road making sure it works, she is a live wire of CIIFA STUDIOS LTD. She is unique in her way of doing things. She will not talk loud about it, but she will get things done. Amazing fellow, committed in faith and very Ghanaian within.