About Us

The Organization

(Centre for Industrious and International Films in Africa Studios Limited) is an international institute founded to help upgrade and bring about innovation into the standard of African films, music and the performing arts in general. Its main purpose is to bring up interested people into the advanced world of artistic and technical skills of writers, musicians, directors and all the technicians in the field of movie/television and music production as well as information technology (IT).

Objectives / Motives

To enhance the craft skills, and to promote the artistic talented musicians, films and television professionals, including writers, editors and production personnel. 

To focus the music, films and arts at the communities to bring about the awareness of the public on the art of professional music, film making and  narration by providing a forum for dialogue and discussion with best musicians and film makers in Africa and the world at large through workshops, symposium, seminars, classroom lectures and screening respectively.

To produce professional music, movies and television programs, (theatre arts, drama and films for our global viewers), this is to create the awareness for the African art in general. 




Our Capabilities

Film/TV and Music productions

Election Coverage

Music video productions

Children’s entertainment programs


Network Television Series

Documentaries and Educational Films

Organizing and Covering of Seminars, Workshops, Carnivals, Festivals and Concerts. 

Printing of all kinds

We Train People in the Following:

Film/Video, Television and Music Productions

Play and Screen Writing

Stage and Screen Acting (Performing Arts)

IT (Information Technology)

And anything showbiz you can dream of…


Departmental duties

Talent Search Department:

As talent is an essential tool of true development, our researchers are thrown into the streets and all corners to interact with people of all ages, by organizing well defined programs which expressively (psychosocially) exposes their inborn talents to our team as selection is done in relation to showbiz.

If selected, the row talent is brought into our Institute for training and also to be given the opportunity to glow even during its developmental process. This is allowed because our greatest vision is to purpose their lives and immortalize their dreams and hopes for a global benefit. 


Literature Department:

This is the home for literally developments, where we handle and design every aspect of the preliminary structure for all CIIFA STUDIOS LTD., programs, pertaining to Training, Scripting, Acting, (Performing Arts), Information Technology (IT), and all other venerable matters relating to the pre-production of Showbiz (Soul-biz) and then hand it over to the appropriate Department which then brews it for the marketers. 

The department also hosts the CIIFA LITERATURE CLUB, which brings interested people who we term as THINKERS from all walks of life to interact with each other and to find a common goal or solution to current societal problems that is believed to have been draining-out (affecting) Society.

In their provisions for Solution, they produce TV / radio programs, print media and any communicational means to get the affected community informed.  

Productions and Communications Department:

To All our departments we are the double face of the coin, this is to say we are the hallmark to all practical developments in projects or production excursion. 

Our well trained technicians take up the production of all venerable projects – from the pre-production(preliminary preparation) stages through to the production (rehearsals and shooting/recording) to post-production (editing/mixing and mastering), after which the product is handed to the Showbiz (Soul-biz) and Marketing Department.

We also massively welcome joint/co-productions.

Showbiz (Soul-biz) and Marketing Departments:

As long as soul businesses is concerned, we finance or look for finance, for projects presented to us and considered valuable, the project is then given for development and then brought back to us  as a finished product for packaging and distribution to the targeted consumers. 

We are called the Showbiz Center because it’s believed we hold the key to human consumption and development. This is because we finance and present the good, the bad and the terrible to them, either to marry the direct result of the product or the opposite.

But in all we present to the human soul, is meant to entertain, educate and to inform him/her in the positive direction.              

The System of Training:

Information on training and courses

Our system of training includes the residence production program which allows all students to present their screen plays to CIIFA STUDIOS LTD. for selection and production as lectures goes on during a particular period of time. After a successful training of selected students, the produced movie will be presented to a board of film critiques who will judge the artistic standard of the team or crew of the product.

Motto: Creativity and Holistic Vision in Motion